Terms and conditions of use

These are the terms and conditions applicable to the purchase of clothing in the store Clothing Gay www.ropagay.com

These terms and conditions constitute a legally binding contract between you and us. By purchasing our products, you agree to the Terms and Conditions. Before purchasing a product in this Web site, you should read these terms and conditions.
The terms and conditions contain the following sections:

1. Information on the Website and Products

2. Product Purchase

3. previous Product Order

4. Risk of Loss

5. Delivery of Goods

6. Warranty

7. Return of Goods

8. Links to other sites and services

9.Términos General concerning nuestrarelación with you

We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions governing the virtual store and products. Any modification of the terms and conditions shall apply to all new orders once it has been included in the text of these terms and conditions and has been published in the online store. Consult periodically the terms and conditions posted in the store to make sure you know and complies the current version.

In case of doubt about these terms and conditions on the product or the webshop write to the email address ventas@ropagay.com

1. Information on the online store and Products

There Notices and additional liability exemptions applicable to the use of the virtual store. By accepting these terms and conditions, you will also be accepting notices and disclaimers.

We strive to ensure that all information on the Website, including descriptions of our products and prices, is accurate and correct at all times. However, you may make mistakes. We try to resolve any error in the information in the Virtual Store as soon as possible and, if we consider that an error has affected some of its acquisitions of products, we will try to notify. However, since these steps, we will not be liable to you for any errors that may exist in the Virtual Store

You should note that is different buy clothes and accessories online to buy in a store. Above all, you must consider the following:

The colors of the products displayed on the Website depend on many factors, including your display settings;

All sizes and measurements are approximate;

All Products are subject to availability, and may not be able to supply your order;

All deadlines calculated and provided in the online shop or by e-mail are approximate;

You are responsible for ensuring that your data login, password and other information concerning your account remain confidential at all times.
2. Buy products

He will be making an offer to purchase a product to complete the process by stages of the virtual store set forth below:

Adding a product to shopping cart

Payment process

Order confirmation


Order constitutes only an offer to buy our products and sets no binding contract until we have accepted. If order more than one product your Order contains a number of individual bids for each product.

When we receive your order, we will send an acknowledgment thereof to the email address you have provided when ordering. In this e-mail we will indicate the order number, and product data requested. Note that the purpose of this e-mail is none other than confirm that we have received your order; This is not an acceptance of your offer to buy our products.

Before accepting any offer, we must receive full payment of both the amount of the product and shipping costs by any means chosen for you

Make offers to purchase products that may only be considered as accepted when we send the product and notify you by email Order sending data with each product. We reserve the right to reject any offer made in order before accepting it. If a product is not available, you will be sent an informational email and will not include data from that product in the shipping notification Order. The products that are not available will not be included in the contract of products shipped.
3. previous Product Order

We can not always send the products upon request within 20 days from the date of the order. In the Virtual Store the estimated date on which the products pre-order will be available will be specified, but it is only an estimate and will not be required to send the products prior order within that period, as may occur problems with new products.

As happens with all products, the offers made to purchase products upon request be considered only accepted when we send the product and notify you by email sending the Order.

4. Risk of Loss

All products purchased in ropagay.com are subject to contract office. This means that the risk of loss and title (ownership) for such products pass to buyer when delivered to the carrier.

5. Shipping Merchandise

Delivery days are estimated according to the time of delivery of the conveyor and are given on weekdays from Monday to Friday. If the product delivered by more than the estimated time, no responsibility is assumed or claims not accepted for this reason. Product orders become effective once it has obtained the authorization and payment verification. The invoice will be sent to your registered email.
6. Warranty

Our products are guaranteed only by manufacturing defects therefore no longer used products are received for any reason.

As we know that for any online purchase clothing size can not fit your needs, upon our authorization we can receive the product, if available will be changed for another size or failing another product.

In any case we refund in cases that are required they will be sent a voucher for the value of the product so you can use it on another purchase.

Shipping costs for manufacturing defects warranty will be covered by clothing Gay, in other cases should be covered by the buyer.

7. Return of Goods

If you want to return an item either warranty (factory defects) or for pleasure, you must fill the tab returns in the store stating your case and our prior authorization may make the return.

In this period of 8 days from receipt of the Products, the Products must be returned by mailing a package wrapped securely Gay Clothing Calle 7 No 7-75 Caldas Manizales

8. General terms relating to our relationship with you


We will not be responsible for the operation of any of the obligations under these terms and conditions in case of other events outside our control (force majeure), including (but not limited to) strikes, lockouts, failures of systems or networks third, natural disasters, fires, earthquakes, storms, floods, social unrest, terrorist acts, intentional sabotage or malicious damage to our equipment or data or damage to or destruction of our facilities or equipment.

All notices have to provide in accordance with these terms and conditions will send to your registered email address.

These terms and conditions set out the entire agreement between you and us regarding the sale, acquisition and use of the Products. Supersede any prior agreement or agreement relating to the above case. They may only be changed if so separately agreed in writing between you and us.

In the event that any provision of these terms and conditions is held invalid or unenforceable, either in whole or in part, this shall not affect the remaining provisions (or the remaining portion of the provision in question).

Except to the extent that you exercise your right as a consumer to bring an action or rely on the laws of their country of residence, interpretation, meaning, purpose and application of these terms and conditions shall be governed by Colombian law

The intellectual property rights in all software and content available to the public on or through the virtual store are owned or owned by the parties that give us the license, so that these rights are we dedicated to us and our licensors. It is not permitted to publish, manipulate, distribute or reproduce in any way or in any form, the content or copies of the content you provide or that are offered through the website. It also is not authorized to use such content in connection with any business or commercial enterprise.

9. Links to other sites and services

This site may contain links or links to other websites which are not under control ropagay.com therefore our shop has no responsibility for anything that appears on websites linked or necessarily endorse the linked websites. Gay clothing provides the links or links solely for the convenience and information of our site users.